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W. R. Mendre was recipient of the 2014 Springs Preserve & Southern Nevada Water Authority Landscape award for the best residential yard. Mendre's modernist cacti gardens and mid-mod outdoor sculptures are available to home owners who appreciate their distinct character and want a one-of-a kind yard. Funky and artistic homes are naked without a Mendre on their wall, in their garden, or in their yard. The cacti garden cultivation and landscape design are available in the Southern Nevada area only. Garden structures and sculptural art are available for shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. and worldwide.


Mendre has sculptural pieces in John S. Park neighborhood, Huntridge neighborhood, Paradise Palms, McNeil Estates, Maycrest, and Rancho Manor, all in various parts of historic downtown Las Vegas, as well as in Palm Springs and Pacific Palisades, California. Nate Berkus' American Dream Builders featured one of Mendre's sculptures in Season 1, Episode 102 "Mid Mod Makeover" at the end of the show in front of the Red Team's house in Palm Springs.


All outdoor sculptures -- totems and wall hangings -- are crafted out of recycled construction grade steel. These aren't thin aluminum structures; they are durable, substantial, and enduring pieces of art to be enjoyed for generations. They are built to endure and adapt/evolve with their environment and surroundings. All sculptures are solid steel and can be powder coated in single colors of your choosing for an additional $300, or delivered uncoated with au natural patinas for no additional charge.


Mendre's motto is: "Use what you got, and don't use more than you need." Mendre's sculptures are testiment to his philosophy -- salvaged steel becomes modern art. As in his sculptures, life in the desert is hard; one needs to be creative, adaptive, and fierce to survive. To share the beauty and intensity of the desert, Mendre crafts sustainable cacti gardens as homage to the pinnacle of plants: they survive in the harshest environments and thrive through propogation by mutilation. 


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