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Award winning Las Vegas landscape artist, W.R. Mendre, has expanded his oeuvre by creating outdoor sculptures in the style of Mid-century Modern Brutalism. Handcrafted and made of repurposed steel, his sculptures have a weighty vibe and eclectic style. Every one is original, and they can be special ordered to suit the space and design preferences of clients.


From his home in the historic John S. Park neighborhood in Downtown Las Vegas, W.R Mendre has spent many years nurturing a cactus collection, building a greenhouse, and cultivating his cactus gardens which are tiered with recycled concrete and steel. The combination of his attraction to mid-modern art and antiques, and design inspiration from old Vegas and frequent trips to Palm Springs, CA, led W.R. to begin crafting his impactful outdoor art.


With sweeping lines, classic mid-mod forms, and a striking sense of balance,W.R. Mendre's sculptures are both playful and powerful. From totems to wall art and garden sculptures, each piece makes a statement, while blending in and complementing the space and landscape around it.


Mendre has five sculptural series: Champagne Bubbles; Stardust; Palm Springs; Desert Moon; and Nietzsche. 


The Champagne Bubbles series is inspired by the hedonistic and glamorous side of old Las Vegas. With a vintage flare, these pieces exude a sexy stylish vibe and a 'cocktail party with the Rat Pack' sensibility.


The Stardust series captures the last glimmering twinkle of a bygone era. Like the flash of a firefly, the buzz of a dying neon sign, or the glistening memory of the fabulous Stardust Hotel on the old Las Vegas Strip, this series is pure dreamy fantasy and nostalgia. 


Inspired by the Bauhaus movement and mid-mod design, the Palm Springs sculptures are direct descendents of Mid-Modern Brutalism. With boxy, square shapes reminiscent of cityscapes gone awry, these are powerful and symbolic pieces that take architectural influences and turn them into art.


Mendre's fascination with the harsh beauty of the desert inspires his Desert Moon collection. Like a sonet to the stars, these works of art celebrate the evolution of the seasons, the passing of time with waning and waxing moons, and the fierce spirit required to survive in the desert.


Nietzsche is an intensely personal series that Mendre creates for his private collection only. These works of art are not for sale, but are shared here for your inspiration. Inspired by classic films and Nietzsche's dictum, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger," these pieces of art are attestations to the power of love.


All sculptures are original and no two pieces are alike. There are many sculptures available for sale on the website, and others that were commissioned by specific clients are displayed below for your inspiration. If you don't see an item for sale below that suits your space needs or design preference, Mendre is happy to craft custom designs to make your Mid-Mod Brutalist vision come true.

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